:  Tubiporidae
Taxonomy: Alcyonacea: Tubiporidae (Octocorals)
Body Form: Some of the tubiporidae produce a calcerous red skeleton (resembling organ pipes) but they are not stony corals. Others are mat polyps and grow in dense colonies flat on the substrate. The polyps are retractile with pinnate tentacles, that are somewhat feathery.
Diet: Most species are zooxanthellate, and it is likely that most receive their nutrition from their host algae and organic compound absorption. Some species feed on small prey with their tentacles.    Care Level:  easy to moderate
Natural History: Species identification in this group is difficult. Pachyclavularia resemples Clavularia but Pachyclavularia grows in rubbery mats and lacks the lush feather tentacles of Clavularia. The Tubipora secrete a calcerous bundle of stalks that makes them easier to identify. This group produces toxins (terpenoids and diterpenoids) that repel predators and competitors on the reef.
Brown Star Polyp
Green Star Polyp
Pipe-organ Coral
Super Green Star Polyp