:  Antipathidae
Taxonomy: Antipatharia: Antipathidae (Black Corals)
Body Form: Some species are unbranching ( Cirripathes) while others have a branching (Antipathes). The skeleton is dark or black and polyps are scattered on the surface to feed from the water.
Diet: These corals are generally zooxanthellate but they also feed on microplankton in the water column.    Care Level:  moderate
Natural History: The Black Corals are declining worldwide due to their overcollection for the jewelry trade. They are not often seen in the aquarium trade. They are now rare at sport diving depth but some species grow at greater depths, offering them some protection from collection. Most species in this group have thin dark and flexible skeletons over which a rind and polyps grow. Most species use their zooxanthellate algae and capture plankton for food.
Spiral Wire Coral