:  Stylasteridae
Taxonomy: Stylasterina: Stylasteridae (Hydrocorals)
Body Form: Distichopora lacks internal circulation canals and has polyps, facing inward, along the sides of their skeleton. Stylaster has a reduced internal canal network for feeding with internal polyps for prey capture, but also has sweeper tentacles to aid in food capture.
Diet: The Distichopora and Stylaster) are nonphotosynthetic and supply their entire nutrition from microplankton.    Care Level:  difficult
Natural History: Distichopora and Stylaster make up the Stylasteridae, which contain less potent toxin than their relatives the fire corals (Millepora). These two genera are not hermatypic (reef-building), lack symbiotic zooxanthellate algae, and do produce a skeleton. Hydrocoral skeletons are made of either aragonite or calcite.
Lace Coral - Blue
Lace Coral - Orange