:  Pocilloporidae
Taxonomy: Scleractinia: Pocilloporidae (Stony Corals)
Body Form: This family produces a stony skeleton that is covered in warty growths. The skeleton branches or is fingerlike in most species. The polyps have 6 (or multiples of 6) tentacles.
Diet: Some have zooxanthellae and others are entirely heterotrophic.    Care Level:  moderate
Natural History: The Pocilliporids are the 2nd largest reef builders in the world but include a surprisingly small number of species. They are most abundant in shallow high energy reef areas, fragment easily, and spread rapidly. They are tolerant of a wide variety of conditions and have polyps remaining open day and night.
Club Finger Coral
Green Bird's Nest Coral
Green Stylophora
Pocillopora - Medium Pink
Pocillopora - Pink
Stylophora - Green Frag