:  Faviidae
Taxonomy: Scleractinia: Faviidae (Stony Corals)
Body Form: Faviids are the 2nd largest group of corals, second only to the Acroporids. They have large, circular, fleshy polyps that grow separately in unconnected corallites on their skeletons. They grow in small colonies
Diet: Some have zooxanthellae and others are entirely heterotrophic.    Care Level:  easy
Natural History: Faviids are a major contributor to reef-building. They superficially grow in a pattern that resembles the surface of a mammalian brain. Most species prefer moderate to low water flow and moderate lighting. They should be fed plankton that is small enough for them to ingest. Most species will produce sweeper tentacles at night for feeding, and they should be kept away from other corals.
Aussie Moseleya
Candy Cane Coral
Color Caulastrea
Color Caulastrea - Candy Cane
Crust Coral
Green Brain Coral
Green Metallic Brain Coral
Green Metallic Pineapple Coral
Green Pineapple Coral
Green Redeye Favia
Kryptonite Candy Cane Coral
Moon Coral
Moon Coral
Neon Green Moseleya
Pineapple Coral
Pinto Green Favia
Special Blue with Red Eye Favites
Trumpet Coral with Zoas