:  Dendrophyllidae
Taxonomy: Scleractinia: Dendrophyllidae (Stony Corals)
Body Form: Most lack zooxanthellae and their corallites have porous walls. Many species are solitary and some are colonial. Their skeletons have a sandpaper texture between the fingers. Most have long tentacles and are active feeders.
Diet: Some have zooxanthellae and others are entirely heterotrophic.    Care Level:  easy
Natural History: The Dendrophyllidae are generally not reef-builders and many are entirely heterotrophic. Types with longer tentacles prefer weaker water currents while those with shorter tentacles prefer the opposite. Most require regular feeding because of their lack of zooanthellae.
Fire Cracker Coral
Green Pagoda Cup Coral
Green Pagoda Cup Coral
Pagoda Cup Coral
Scroll Coral
Sun Polyp - Green
Sun Polyp - Orange
Sun Polyp - Orange
Walking Dendro
Whisker Pagoda Cup Coral
Yellow Pagoda Cup Coral