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Blueberry Gorgonian   (Acalycigorgia sp.)
Family: Acanthogorgiidae (Octocorals)
Habitat: The blueberry gorgonian is found on moderate to high water flow areas with minimal light.
Light: Medium   Water Flow: Low   Space: 50+ gal.
Reef Safe: Yes   Care Level: Moderate   Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: The octocorals are generally polytrophic - getting nutrition from zooxanthellae (algae) in their tissues, nutrient uptake from the seawater, and feeding on microplankton.
Natural History: They have a rind composed almost completely of gorgonin and their polyps are not retractile. They have a lightly chambered central chord. They can contract their polyps within the body surface by folding them inward. They are found in moderate-depths on Pacific reefs.
Husbandry: Little is know of the Guaiagorgia a because they are imported so infrequently. Some aquarists have had success by directly feeding the polyps ground shrimp with tubes.

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