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Pipe-organ Coral   (Tubipora sp.)
Family: Tubiporidae (Octocorals)
Habitat: Reef areas of moderate water flow
Light: Medium   Water Flow: Medium   Space: 50+ gal.
Reef Safe: Yes   Care Level: Moderate   Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: The octocorals are generally polytrophic - getting nutrition from zooxanthellae (algae) in their tissues, nutrient uptake from the seawater, and feeding on microplankton.
Natural History: Pipe-organ Coral grows a dark-red skeleton that contains calcite, an unusual feature for a soft coral. The tubes are made of fused sclerites made of aragonite. Their bright red color is an identifying feature for this genus. Pipe Organ Corals are fairly common in calm protected areas of reefs.
Husbandry: Tubipora is a fragile-skeleton coral that will grow under moderate to bright light but prefers moderate but not turbulent water flow. It is a hardy coral that feeds on microplankton and dissolved organic material - a protein skimmer may result in the demise of the coral. They produce a tubular skeleton and, when the polyps and tentacles are extended, they resemble Clavularia. Large specimens are in excess of 6 inches across.

AKA: Organ-pipe Coral

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