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Stylophora - Green Frag   (Stylophora sp.)
Family: Pocilloporidae (Stony Corals)
Habitat: Stylophora is found in a variety of reef habitats, but are most common and dominant in high light and strong current
Light: High   Water Flow: High   Space: 50+ gal.
Reef Safe: Yes   Care Level: Easy   Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: These corals have zooxanthellae but also need microplankton to supplement their nutrition needs.
Natural History: Club Finger Coral is a dominant coral on reefs where light and current are dominant. They produce a branching body with thick branches that adapt to a variety of reef conditions. Their branches are thick with blunt rounded-off ends. Colors include bright shades of cream, purple, pink, and green, as well as pale brown. They extend short sweeper tentacles at night from the tips of their branches. They are mutualistic with damselfish and feed on the damsel's wastes while offering them protection.
Husbandry: Club Finger Corals are very adapable and hardy, and adapt well to aquaria. Stronger water flow produces less branching shapes. Aquariums with moderate flow and light levels still produce thriving club finger corals. Despite the fact that they produce sweeper tentacles, they are easily damaged by other corals that are placed too close. Fragmentation success is low with this genus. This genus may benefit in aquaria when they are housed with anemonefishes.

AKA: Finger Coral, Cluster Coral, Brush Coral

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